Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 Outcome

More smoke and mirrors - this time from the G20 and what difference will this make for the people who are struggling all over the UK.

At least we can rest easy in the fact that there is extra money over at the IMF for the UK when we need to go calling!

All we saw yesterday was a final communiqué which was big on promises but very short on specifics. One example is the new regulation. I agree with regulation for these hedge funds which are raping the world but we didn't hear any details out of the G20 as to how exactly this is going to happen.

Gordon Brown is still banging on about how they are making a difference and offering "real help" to small businesses and people struggling with mortgages. Can someone tell me where all of this help is???

I'm a small business owner myself and in the past 6 months new clients have been non-existent. So far we have been lucky enough that our existing customer base has been stable. If one of our customers should take a turn and go down we will be going down right behind them. Crash has been harping on for 6 months about help for small business and I can say right here and now that on April 3rd, 2009 there is absolutely nothing out there for us. If anything our experience has been they put more brick walls in front of you rather than really helping a small business grow.

I read the papers and follow the news daily. I`ve yet to see a single person or small business owner on the TV or in an interview in a paper or on the internet who has said that they have actually been helped out in this crisis by these so called Govt policies. On the other hand, I have seen many who have lost their homes or businesses and said that the banks or govt offered nothing at all.

I'm not saying the Govt should be in the business of bailing out small businesses but will Brown and his ministers please stop harping on with cheap sound bites about help that is just not there. Say what you mean and mean what you say. How can we put any faith in any of these people at this stage and take them as genuine while they`re loading up on expenses claims. The Govt need to stop insulting our intelligence.

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