Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Government Considers Higher Council Tax for Home Owners without Double Glazing

Government Considers Higher Council Tax for Home Owners without Double Glazing

Government advisors say that home owners should face higher council tax and stamp duty if they refuse to make their homes “greener”.

Those who do not have double glazing or insulation would be hammered under proposals drawn up by an environmental group, which is to be considered by Government ministers. Climate Change Secretary Ed Milliband is expected to make an announcement on the penalties in the autumn.

With this news in mind we answer question of how you can measure how energy efficient are your windows.

How can I measure how energy efficient my windows are?

The level of insulation offered by any given window is made up from a combination of the insulation of the frame, and that of the glass or ‘sealed unit’ that is used. Other factors such as frame size and air leakage are taken into consideration, so all in all it’s quite a difficult calculation to understand.

That’s why the government has introduced the Window Energy Ratings scheme. By using the same ratings system that items such as fridges and washing machines have been using for years, it is now possible to rate a window from any given supplier. The finished window combination is independently tested, and awarded a rating from A to G.

Those achieving a C-rating or above demonstrate they have been designed, manufactured and tested to provide a good level of overall thermal efficiency.

So, if C-rated is energy efficient, how much better
does an A-rated window perform?

Well, its simple really. An A-rated ThermaglassMAX window will not lose any heat whatsoever from your home. None. Zero. It’s a little more complex than that, but the principle really is true.

By installing the Conservatory Outlet's energy saving
A-Rated windows you will be helping improve the overall performance of your home which will not only reduce your heating bills and CO2 emissions but it could improve the value of your property and speed up any future sale.

ThermaglassMAX does more than any other window to reduce your fuel bills, save energy and save money.

Want more information on our 'A' Rated Double Glazing Windows – Please contact Lancashire Conservatory Outlet or the Cheshire Conservatory Outlet.


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