Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brown Tell US Congress: Seize The Moment

17 standing ovations for our fearless leader as he addressed a joint session of the US Congress this afternoon. I'm sorry Crash Gordon but I don't think Obama`s magic dust has fallen upon you! Gordon mentioned the word "friends" many times in his speech but the word the UK taxpayers would like to hear is "Sorry". That is the one word that I feel we will never hear from Crash as he is not a man for apologies.

What do the British public think of our PM`s performance:

***Enough is enough, either get back hear and do something useful (doubtful) or resign. Whats more important - toe-curling speeches to the senate or sorting out the UK - has he already given up? Posted By :Chris B

***Blah, blah, blah. More dross from Brown. He's claiming that governments are 'representatives of the people' - how can he be a representative of the people when he wasn't elected by the people? The article also says there wasn't much interest in the US in what he had to say - there's even less over here, I can tell you. Brown - get out!! Posted By :Andy M

***Brilliant, coming from the idiot who spent 12 years sending the UK down the pan. This guy has got some real nerve blaming it all on the global economic situation. His answer is the same every time borrow, borrow and borrow. Posted By :chas

***This must be the first time an unelected leader of a near communist government has ever addressed the American Senate, Brown is the most despised politician and unacountable person in our soiled Parliament Posted By :Stephen Brookes

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