Thursday, 5 March 2009

Was Gordon Successful?

One of the questions of the day is “was Gordon Brown`s trip to the US a success”? As expected all of the papers are weighing in on this question today now that Prime Minister Brown has come back across the Atlantic. As far as the US media is concerned, they didn’t seem to see Brown`s trip as a momentous event – a coming together of the Titians! According to the BBC, the American media were more interested in looking at how the UK press were analysing the event rather than the proceedings themselves. Despite Obama`s current orgy of big government and record spending, he showed very little interest in Brown`s new pet project – the Global New Deal. Obama said the right things but not show the fire and enthusiasm that the world has come to expect from this man. I think even Obama realises that there is little desire from within the US to push the idea of Brown`s Global New Deal. The US economy still continues to decline and unemployment is rapidly rising – almost 700 000 unemployed in Feb. The American public are growing increasing angry with what`s going on in Washington and Obama will have his hands full with these domestic matters in the coming months. Gordon Brown left the US last night bound for London - with 17 standing ovations from the US Congress in his back pocket. When history judges this event (or should I say non-event) I don’t think it will have provided Brown with the bounce he had so desperately hoped for. Much adieu about nothing Gordon!

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